Who am I and why should you care…

Vain 2

My name is Dan McCool. Citizen of the world, adventurer, photographer, musician, artist, father, grandfather, dog lover, wine enthusiast. I’m an active guy living in the heart of Washington Wine Country.  I run my own businesses, and have decided to consolidate all my interests on this site including links to other sites.

I have a cockapoo named Finn the Ferocious LoveBug.


 I love traveling and in the best of worlds I would divide my time evenly between the ocean, the mountains and the desert. I hike, I kayak, I ski, and I take lots of photographs. And I drink wine.

I am not a rock star (I did play in a band in my 20’s, and still play solo gigs on a regular basis).

Washburn Custom Prototype and Fender VibroChamp

I am not a professional athlete (captain of the high school football team was my claim to fame). I am not a male model (though I was an extra in a Spanish Yul Brenner movie, filmed in Barcelona). I am not internet famous (at least not yet). But I do have a passion for what I do and life in general. I intend to come sliding head first into home base in a cloud of dust…