Sundowns 2016

I know it must seem like all I do is take panoramas for Google, but that’s far from the reality. I do lots of different types of photography.  This last weekend and the next two will be devoted to horse racing. This is my tenth season as the track photographer at Sundowns in Kennewick. By the time this season ends, I will have shot over 800 horse races. It’s shots like these that make it worth it.

In the first shot, the #7 horse was coming on strong. It was a photo finish, but the #7 horse couldn’t close the gap and finished second. In the last shot, it’s so close that it looks like two riders on one horse. Another photo finish with the #10 horse winning. Tech data: These are all shot in RAW at 800 ISO in shutter priority @1/1000 sec., handheld with a Canon 5D.

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